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1. can i order in bulk?

Yes you can order in bulk by Add to cart.

2. Is this all service organic?

Yes you can say upto 50% service is organic and some service works on paid promotion.

3. are you using bot service?

No, we are not using bot service in any way the services we have are completely organic and in organic.

4. Why are all your promotions priced so low?

It can't be explained well but yes we can very well tell that our services work on internal sources and paid promotion and that's how our prices are low in compression other promotion service. 


1. How can i cancel my order?

Yes you can cancel your order till your order is processed. If your order has gone through processing, you will not be able to cancel the order

2. How can i get my refund back?

If your product has not gone through processing, you can get a refund or even if you have not downloaded any of your files.


1. Do you accept Paytm?

Yes, we do accept PAYTM!

2. Will my payment information save?

No, we don't save any payment information related your cards or something. 

3. How my transaction is safe?

Yes, your all transaction completely safe because we're using Paytm or Cashfree payment gateway which completely secured.

4. What encryption does Paytm use?

Paytm uses checksum signature to ensure that API requests and responses shared between your application and Paytm over network have not been tampered with. We use SHA256 hashing and AES128 encryption algorithm to ensure the safety of transaction data.

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